Interview: Jet Support Services, Inc

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One of the largest aircraft maintenance service providers breaks down the programs it offers for helicopters, the benefits enjoyed by its clients and its grand vision to support owners and operators throughout the entire aircraft life cycle that has driven the company for 30 years and many more to come.

Who is JSSI?  

Established in 1989, Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), is the leading independent provider of maintenance programs to the aviation industry, covering virtually all makes and models of aircraft, engines and APUs. For 30 years, JSSI has provided comprehensive, flexible and affordable financial programs and tools for managing the often unpredictable costs of operating and maintaining business and commercial jets, turboprops and helicopters. JSSI serves customers globally and manages maintenance events through a worldwide infrastructure of more than 70 certified technical advisors.

JSSI has been around for 30 years now. How has the company evolved? 

Originally, JSSI focused entirely on pre-owned engine coverage, but soon expanded the programs to include airframe and Tip-to-Tail® coverage. The company later moved on to support new aircraft deliveries and began to compete at the OEM level. 

More recently, with growing demand for easier access to data and more transparency for aircraft operators and owners, JSSI acquired Conklin & de Decker and S3 Aero Specialists in 2018. This was JSSI’s first strategic acquisition and strengthened the range of technical advice and consulting services offered by JSSI Advisory Services. For over 35 years, Conklin & de Decker has built a great reputation for providing unbiased data for aircraft owners and operators. Together with JSSI Advisory Services and JSSI Parts & Leasing, we now support owners and operators at every stage of an aircraft life cycle.

What are the program offerings available to helicopters? 

JSSI offers turbine-powered helicopter engine, airframe, parts-only and Tip-to-Tail® programs for over 100 helicopter models. The options stretch from unscheduled maintenance to full Tip-to-Tail® coverage. Clients can also choose to include coverage for special equipment such as cameras and special lifts. 

What is the value of subscribing to the Tip-to-Tail® program? 

This unique Tip-to-Tail® program combines our world-class engine, airframe and APU programs to provide a single point of contact for any maintenance need. Clients save time by consolidating the entire aircraft coverage into one program, with one company, and with a predictable maintenance budget they can depend on. Another important note is that enrolling an aircraft on the JSSI Tip-to-Tail® Program will result in an enhanced resale value, as verified by VRef and Aircraft Bluebook. 

Why utilize a maintenance program with JSSI? 

Our maintenance programs cover airframes, avionics, engines, APUs, and even mission-specific equipment, regardless of your chosen manufacturer for each. A JSSI program stabilizes your maintenance operating budget, protects you from unscheduled costs, maximizes the value of your aircraft and reduces downtime.

The independence from any one manufacturer allows us to support multiple aircraft makes and models within one flight operation without bias. We simplify the client experience by offering a central point of contact, which saves critical time and resources that would otherwise be required to manage multiple programs through different manufacturers. JSSI becomes a vital extension of the maintenance department and provides 24/7/365 global assistance. 


Another important difference from some OEM programs is that JSSI was the first to offer a pro rata option for engine program clients with in-service aircraft. This replaces the large buy-in fee for hours flown prior to enrollment. In addition, designing maintenance programs to provide protection from the high cost of maintenance is our core business. 

Our programs are also designed from the users’ perspective; we offer flexibilities where the owner can decide to transfer the program onto the aircraft buyer or to transfer the balance to a new asset regardless of make or model during an upgrade.

How is JSSI doing in the Asia Pacific? 

We have recorded huge growth across the board in this region in recent years. The MRO and support infrastructure is less established in comparison to some other regions and we do typically see more interest in our Tip-to-Tail® programs. It’s an effective way to help new owners simplify the ownership experience and know exactly what to budget for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

What can the industry expect from JSSI in coming years? 

JSSI is sitting on 30 years of maintenance data and this, coupled with the operating data from the 2,000 aircraft we currently support and Conklin & de Decker’s database, will lead to many new products and tools that will greatly benefit operators. Further strategic acquisitions are also on the horizon as part of the long-term vision to support owners and operators throughout the entire aircraft life cycle. 

Last year was the strongest yet for JSSI. In the future, JSSI will continue to grow its core business – Hourly Cost Maintenance programs, and build on further fleet opportunities in the charter, fractional and regional airline markets. We are well-positioned to support more helicopter fleet operations. To enhance our global reach, we are adding presence and technical support in strategic locations, for example Thailand, where our Asia Pacific team has now extended in order to better support Southeast Asian customers, and Australia.

Our additional services help support owners and operators through the entire aircraft life cycle: 

  • JSSI Parts & Leasing provides aircraft parts, leasing and supply chain solutions. From a single bolt to a complete engine, customers gain access to a vast JSSI inventory of aircraft parts, engines and APUs and a global vendor network to source assets, all backed by the buying power and expertise of one of the largest purchasers of parts and maintenance services in the industry. 

  • JSSI Advisory Services utilizes JSSI’s technical expertise and global network to inspect aircraft, perform ASA-certified appraisals, assist with maintenance cost planning, manage maintenance events, and provide insurance claims management. JSSI’s dedicated Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP), is available to aviation lenders as a tool to assist in the mitigation of risk and the management of financed aircraft. 

  • Conklin & de Decker is a pioneering leader in aviation research, consulting and education. The mission of Conklin & de Decker is to enable the general aviation industry to make more informed decisions during the purchase, operation and disposition processes of aircraft by furnishing objective and impartial information. 

    “The biggest benefit being on a JSSI program is to recognize how they can help expand the reach and caliber of services and support…There’s no question about the consistent high quality of results achieved. 

    Operators wouldn’t have to worry about logistical processes once parts support is requisitioned...JSSI has a high-level understanding of the clients’ needs, leaving less on your plate as they proactively go about their business. 

    A JSSI support program recommendation would be given at any time to other active operators who would be seeking professional and reliable parts support.” 

    Nick Haywood, Senior Manager  

       Engineering of Aviation Services, 

       Melco Resorts and Entertainment

Robert Li