Urban Air Mobility Panel at Rotorcraft Asia 2019 | New GA Tech

ASM Asian Skycast-08.png

ASG’s Max Buirski sits down with four key industry participants at the Rotorcraft Asia conference to answer audience questions about the future of urban air mobility in cities like Singapore, Manila and Jakarta.

Panel Participants:

Listen in as they discuss:

  • When will eVTOL use for urban air mobility become a reality [5:45]

  • The eVTOL maintenance and support ecosystem [10:08]

  • The relationship between mobile booking platforms and helicopter operators [13:06]

  • The competition for spectrum [15:38]

  • The need for common standards to prevent a closed ecosystem [18:00]

  • The challenge of certifying new technology [21:42]

  • Managing safety and noise in urban spaces [24:50]