Game of Drones: Markus Scherer on China’s Commercial Drone Industry | New GA Tech

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ASG’s Max Buirski sits down with Ipsos Consulting Director Markus Scherer to discuss his recent whitepaper on drone use in China’s agricultural sector, the size of the commercial drone industry, China’s role in the market, which rotorcraft missions are at risk of being disrupted and why the future is in software. This is the first in a series from Asian Sky Media on “New GA Tech”, covering the impact of technology on general aviation and urban mobility in Asia Pacific.   

To read the whitepaper on “China’s Agriculture Drone Revolution” please visit:

To find out more about Markus Scherer please visit:

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Markus’s recent whitepaper on drone use in China’s agricultural sector [1:05]

  • The size of the global drone industry and China’s role in it [8:47]

  • The global drone software market and the importance of data analytics to mature economies like Japan and Australia [14:00]

  • How China become the leader in drone hardware and production [18:07]

  • Why the future of software is actually more interesting [22:43]

  • The helicopter missions at risk of short term disruption [28:16]

  • Industry challenges and bottlenecks [29:15]

  • The business and financing model for drone operations [32:25]

  • Drone use based on the local needs of different countries [37:43]

  • Challenges to mass adoption and the ‘cost per mile’ of drone use in logistics [39:25]