THE POWER BEHIND ROTARY - Hervé Pasbecq, Managing Director; Safran Helicopter Engines Asia PTE LTD

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Safran helicopter engines is the world’s leading manufacturer of rotorcraft turbines and the only one dedicated exclusively to this market. Operating worldwide, it has more than 2,500 customers in 155 countries.

Offering the widest range of products, from 500 to 3,000 shaft horsepower, Safran Helicopter Engines has been committed to design and manufacturing excellence for more than 80 years. The company partners with major helicopter manufacturers across the globe and its products feature aboard the very latest designs.


Safran Helicopter Engines’ range is built around three new engines: Arrano (1,100 to 1,300 shp) for light and medium helicopters, Ardiden (1,400 to 2,000 shp) for medium weight and Aneto (2,500 to 3,000+ shp) for super-midsize and heavy helicopters.

Safran Helicopter Engines also continues to improve its legacy products: Arrius, Arriel, Makila and RTM322. Together they represent a complete and commercially focused product line, answering the requirements of every helicopter operator.


The SBH® program is one of the most remarkable services in our EngineLife® Services range. Launched in the mid 80’s, SBH® is a trademark legacy service highly recognized by the market, that has been continuously updated and improved over time. Basically, SBH® are “pay as you fly” concepts, allowing our customers to smoothen scheduled and unscheduled costs, thanks to a fixed hourly rate, and to reduce helicopter down-time through a portfolio of added value services such as:Technical assistance (physical and remote),

  • Engine Health Monitoring (automated survey of engine health)

  • Preferencial access to our global pool of materials (Engines/ modules accessories).

  • In one word for our customers it means total predictability (budget and technical):

  • No cost peaks, due to unscheduled repairs and overhauls coverage

  • They pay according to their flying activity

  • No administrative burden, (Procurement and supply chain process already included in the SBH® contract)

Our customers say SBH® keeps them flying, allowing them to focus on their operations rather than on the management of their engines. They also emphasize the fact that SBH® transfers all the risks and inventory on Safran HE, while keeping the reliability to the highest standards.

By extended support we refer to the recent launch of two brand new SBH® types: SBH®5Star, specifically designed for civil helicopter operators with up to five aircraft and SBH®M dedicated to military organizations. Together with SBH®Classic for medium and large civil operators, these 3 SBH® now form a comprehensive range covering the full scope of customer profiles.

Whatever their location, mission, fleet size and age, Safran Helicopter Engines customers will find their most appropriate solution in our SBH® programs.


  • When a client chooses SBH®, they get four things with no equivalent on the market with the OEM endorsed worldwide support:

  • First, the proximity support of our 50 Field Reps, 14 Front Offices and our worldwide network of Certified Partners. Asia Pacific is an important part of that. Our teams are 100% dedicated to helicopters and our Field Reps are constantly ranking 1st place in customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Secondly, SBH® provides preferential access to the OEM pool of more than 1,000 engines. Availability is guaranteed with a simple pre-agreed equipment standard-exchange or rental, at the highest technical standard, backed up by global fleet data which no third party would have access to.

  • Then, proprietary services like engine Health Monitoring, mixing artificial intelligence (algorithms) and high-level humanexpertise can be included in SBH® programs. Same thing for Expert link which brings direct video/audio/augmented reality contact with a Safran expert. And this is just the beginning!

  • Finally, pay-per-hour programs are all about budget control and risk transfer to OEM. When our customers enroll into SBH®, it is enrolling into a performance-based contract that it would be to our mutual benefit to keep the engine flying. SafranHE, backed with global fleet experience and strong engineering team, will definitely have an edge over other third-party operator.

  • Last word speaking of finance, joining a pay-per-hour plan with an already in-service engine can mean a significant buy-in. Safran Helicopter Engines has designed buy-in/ buy-out terms named Ready2Fly solutions, that can reduce or even avoid upfront payments, subject to conditions. Such offers are also not being offered by third party provider.

If an operator has questions on our SBH® programs we will be most happy to answer.


Innovation is key to Safran Helicopter Engines’ success. The company stays at the forefront of rotorcraft innovation through investing around 15% of its revenue in R&D and infrastructure renewal. its strategy is to improve core engines and components, design new hybrid systems, new manufacturing processes and connected engine and predictive maintenance services.

A result of this research, its latest engines offer 10 to 15% better fuel consumption than their competitors.

Safran is pioneering the “electrified” rotorcraft with several hybrid propulsion concepts designed to optimize available power.

Safran Helicopter Engines is working with Safran Electrical & Power and Safran Power Units to build the Hybrid-Electric Propulsion System (HEPS). Its first application is the Bell Nexus, a multi-rotor vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. HEPS works by distributing thermal and/or electrical energy, depending on the phase of flight, to multiple rotors. It comprises three subsystems: electrical generation (using a turbo-generator and batteries), electric power management and the electric motors that generate lift and propulsion for the rotors. By 2025, Safran is committed to becoming the market leader in HEPS technology.


One of Safran Helicopter Engines Asia core values has always been to have the customer at the heart of everything we develop. We will continue to improve existing services and create innovative solutions around the customer needs, while we thrive to be effective and value for money.

In our industry, the business landscape and requirements of the customers including airframe manufacturers are ever changing. It is important for us to remain humble while understanding the needs of the customer. We are working closely with them to gather feedback through regular forums and focus groups such as Customer Councils made to develop new services and tailored programs allowing flexible schemes for all customers, like the Ready2Fly solutions.

Proximity to the operators is another key for our success. Local support has always been very much appreciated by eliminating issues arising from time differences and language barrier. This is an area which we are continuously monitoring to provide the right level of support with local field representatives or even developing and training certified maintenance centres in the coming years.

The company’s top priority is to provide safe, reliable and high-performance engines, to help its customers stay focused on their missions and to keep their helicopters flying every day, everywhere.

Customers in Asia are supported by its Singapore-based subsidiary Safran Helicopter Engines Asia since 1991. SafranHelicopter Engines Asia provides a wide range of services

including Engines MRO services, Support-By-The-Hour programs (SBH®), parts and tool sales and training activities to more than 200 operators with 1,200 engines in 20 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South-Korea, Taiwan, India, Nepal etc).