Established in 2016, Shenzhen Funian Jet Aviation Co., Ltd. (Funian Aviation), subsidiary of  Fantasia Culture Tourism Management Co., Ltd., aims to become one of the top business jet operators in China and it is now throwing its hat into the ring with the addition of a Gulfstream business jet to its fleet.

As a leading property developer, why did Fantasia Holdings Group decide to plunge into the aviation industry?

As a significant segment of Fantasia Holdings Group (the Group), Fantasia Culture Tourism Management Co., Ltd. embraces its mission in line with the Group’s visions – “Fantasia creates value” and “We are committing to the be the leading industry participant which provides a joyful, colourful and meaningful living space and experience”. While keeping in line with the company’s vision, our expansion into the aviation segment will now meet the ever-changing market demand and enrich the Group’s broad experience and capabilities.

What kind of service does Funian Aviation offer?

With offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we are focusing on aircraft management, charter service, and providing consulting and maintenance service for business jets registered in and out of China. Apart from fulfilling the provision made by CAAC/FAA, we also flex our muscles to provide quality and overall service to our clients through safety audits, extensive investment & financing, and legal services.

What are the advantages Funian Aviation holds in this competitive industry?

Our mother company, Fantasia Holdings Group, known as the world’s largest residential community service operation provider, has been very resourceful for us. The Group was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in November 2009, and has completed its business strategic layout in an era of mobile internet and data. With a community service-led business model driven by financial operations, and supported by property development, it has evolved into a leading financial holding group in China.

Owing to the strong brand of the Group, Funian Aviation has been able to enrich customers’ experiences by capitalizing on the resources including community services, financial services, retail-commercial, cultural tourism and senior living.

In terms of company operation, our management team consists of industry veterans who have worked in commercial aviation industry for more than two decades. Our pilot team is led by experienced captains whose flight time reaching 10,000 hours and above, including many foreign captains who have prior professional experience with renowned international business jet operators. Also, the team includes many holders of CAAC and FAA Pilot certificates. This professionalism and these qualifications are also observed in our aircraft maintenance team.

Additionally, the detail-oriented service we offer distinguishes us from other business jet operators. To stay ahead of the curve, we have tried to be superior through every possible means in our service.

What is the current strategy of the company?

We started with the business jet industry as our point of entry, and it is possible for us to step into the air passenger transport market in the future when we have accumulated more experience and won a sound reputation. Developing our brand in both general and commercial aviation is certainly something that we are looking forward to. We expect to merge both our established business jet segment and our future passenger transport airline company as one under Fantasia Aviation Group, to further serve the industry and our clients.

What are the challenges you faced when developing a business aviation company in Mainland China?

When it comes to business aviation, I’d like to say, for the moment, great potential lies ahead in Mainland China. Still, there are many obstacles such as the shortage of take-off and landing slots, as well as airports for general aviation. Apart from that, the development progress is in need of speeding up, in terms of rules and regulations and talent cultivation, to break through the confines and trigger further potential.

As business aviation continues to be increasingly competitive, it is necessary to upgrade our innovation from time to time. Thus, we are continuously trying to make our brand stand out with a solid presence in the market.

What can we expect from Funian Aviation in the coming years?

We are committed to fulfilling our mission – “safety matters the most; service we provide the best” since its establishment. With the continuing development of general aviation, we have prepared ourselves to face new challenges and seize new opportunities. Hoping to join the best business aviation companies in China, we have our feet on the ground and will continue to beef up our core competence to the largest extent.