REGULATORY SUPPORT SERVICES - Andrew Svoboda, CEO and Founder of Agent for Service

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Agent for Service is an entity which has evolved over the past decade to provide a full circumference of International Regulatory Support Services. The CEO and Founder, Andrew Svoboda, has been at the forefront of regional international regulatory integration since first coming to the Asia Pacific region in 2004. With an extensive background in management of both 121 Airlines and Corporate Aviation, and as an aircraft Captain on multiple airframes, Mr. Svoboda began working across regulatory bodies, such as China’s CAAC, Cayman CAACI and others, beginning in 2004. Agent for Service Limited was created to fill a highly demanded niche role, as well as to assist operators and clients alike to ensure timely success of engagement with international regulators.

As the international aviation community continues to integrate, regulatory support services for operators and clients within the Asia Pacific region are in high demand. Corporate aviation is especially integrated as the Asia Pacific region continues to grow across multiple aircraft registries. Agent for Service Limited provides a full suite of support services including:

  • FAA Part 91 LOA Management
  • In-Depth International Employee Background Checks
  • ISBAO SMS Implementation and Auditing
  • Aircraft Registration Services
  • AOC and 145 Repair Station Application Support Services
  • Aviation Technical Publication and Manual Services

Extensive knowledge and experience working with ICAO-recognized regulatory bodies expedites the time required for both operators and clients to achieve their goals. Time is money in aviation and time spent waiting for approvals and authorizations takes time away from building business and supporting clients. Agent for Service specializes in ensuring timely delivery of regulatory actions from Civil Aviation Authorities across all fronts of the industry.

What regulatory services has Agent for Service been seeing an increasing need for in the past few years?

We have executed hundreds and hundreds of letter of authorization (LOA) applications for N-Registered aircraft. This is a highly valuable service to operators and clients in cutting the time for issuance down from several months to generally within one week. 

As our services have become more well-known, we have also executed several large-scale projects such as Bi-Lateral Agreements between the US Department of Transportation and Foreign Aviation Authorities, Foreign Air Operator Applications to the US Department of Transportation and 145 Repair Station Applications. 

Agent for Service is now the only FBI-vetted and TSA-approved Fingerprint Collection Agency in Hong Kong for Alien Flight Training Fingerprint Collection and also background checks. We also have an increasing demand for in-depth background checks for international employees.  We regularly conduct checks for new hire pilots, aircraft technicians, and executives.  It is very important for a company to be assured of prospective employees placed in front of their valued clients.  

Why are your FAA LOA Services in such high demand?

FAA LOAs are required for all N-Registered aircraft. Our services typically acquire those LOAs within one week’s time. When an operator attempts to handle this on their own the application process would generally take a few months. Being able to tell a client they can fly their newly- acquired aircraft within a few days is crucial to client contentment. We support nearly all major management companies in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Southeast Asia for this service. We recently started supporting several of the largest management companies in Europe, as well. 

What are some of the more complex and successful projects Agent for Service has completed?

Agent for Service successfully completed a Bi-Lateral Agreement between the US Department of Transportation and the Baliwick of Guernsey. This will enable charter aircraft under the Guernsey Civil Aviation Authority to fly charter flights to the USA. We also executed a full-scale aviation infrastructure development assessment for the Federated States of Micronesia.   This was a long-term infrastructure development plan to increase total economies of the region by implementation of essential air services. Another key project was executing the agreements between the FAA and Cayman Civil Aviation Authority to successfully place VP-C registered aircraft into commercial charter service on an FAA 135 AOC.

Why are in-depth background checks becoming so sought after in the local market?

Virtually all professionals we hire in the region are outstanding examples of competence and qualification.  However, from time to time, we have discovered a small minority who falsify their backgrounds and qualifications. We have also found individuals who falsify their medical histories or attempt to hide criminal records. The business aviation market is so competitive that no management company or MRO can afford to employ someone not fully vetted for qualifications, employment history, or previous criminal background.

In terms of these regulatory services, does Agent For Service foresee demand for any particular service and how does the company plan to support it?

We are seeing an increase in demand across all services but recently, we have been seeing an uptick in the market for assisting operators to gain the following:

  • US Department of Transportation and FAA for Foreign Air Carrier Authority for Part 129 and Part 375 Operations in the USA;
  • ISBAO Auditing Services;
  • Aircraft Registration Events for all registries; and
  • Operations Manuals Services.

 As the Asia Pacific region continues to grow, we expect that Regulatory Support Services of all types will be in demand.  Especially in emerging markets as clients and operators integrate with International Aviation Authorities. AFS is well positioned to support the demand with our locations, technical staff abilities and our established history of successfully working with and across International Authorities.