ON THE ROAD TOWARDS PRIVATE AVIATION CONSULTING - Patrick Bouvry, Asian Sky Group, Director of Consulting Services


Drawn to aviation in his early years, Asian Sky Group (ASG) Director of Consulting Services, Patrick Bouvry, bas been on the aerospace and aviation road for over 22 years. From earning degrees in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering and an MBA, to working with top aircraft manufacturers and operators on commercial strategy and restructuring, his extensive work in the industry has seen a wide-range of aviation projects leading to a deep understanding of the industry.

“I’ve been with Asian Sky Group since 2013,” says Bouvry. “At that time, it was a small start-up put together by SEACOR Capital and Avion Pacific to establish an independent private aviation consulting firm in the Asia Pacific.”  

Patrick was brought on board as Commercial Director and played a pivotal role in the company’s creation of the now renown Asia Pacific Region Fleet Reports and Asian Sky Quarterly publications. “We created the first Fleet Report in 2013, which only covered China.  This began as a tool to explain the reality of aircraft markets to our clients.  Showing the fleet in this region, its pricing and trends proved to be very beneficial to owners and the industry.”

Over time, the Fleet Report grew to cover the entire Asia-Pacific region, from India to New Zealand, and the concept was replicated to analyse other aviation segments such as civil helicopters, business jet charter, flight training schools, airport infrastructure and general aviation in China.  “Becoming a go-to source for information on regional private aviation has proven to be the best strategy to increasing ASG’s credibility and desirable reputation in the marketplace.”

Since 2013, ASG has expanded, building a team of multi-lingual analysts, researchers, transaction specialists, graphic designers and an editor.  “In the last four years as Commercial Director, we’ve created all the capabilities we need to properly serve the industry.  Now, my 12role will be to further develop our consulting capabilities supported by our network, tools and research team, and help regional and international players with their aviation challenges in Asia Pacific.”

ASG now offers a wide range of aviation consulting services.  It starts with Transactional Advisory, where ASG’s lawyers assist with any aviation-related contracts, saving considerable time and money to clients.  Then there is Operation Advisory, where ASG can audit, analyse, evaluate and structure an aircraft operator’s organization. On the aircraft owner’s side, ASG will review monthly invoices as independent experts.  “Aircraft owners will typically not have the technical expertise to judge if their aviation expenses are being optimised.  So, involving an impartial expert to increase the credibility of provided services can make a lot of sense for the owner and operator.”  

The company also performs aircraft cabin Completion Management, where expert oversight of the process is provided from the initial cabin definition, facility selection, up to the aircraft redelivery and operator selection.  “Completion management is often not well understood by new aircraft owners,” says Patrick.  “Those who underestimate the issues with completing their aircraft almost always severely regret not having hired an independent expert to oversee the process to ensure the aircraft is redelivered with a trouble-free and safe interior, on time and on budget.” 

Finally, Market Research and Aviation Planning represents a large portion of ASG’s consulting services.  “With our research and marketing team, we can support clients with aviation-related market analyses, project planning, feasibility studies and marketing campaigns.”  Marketing Campaigns are a new service provided by ASG’s newest entity — Asian Sky Media, which focuses on publications and reports. The new division will now offer marketing agency-type services, aiding client with marketing materials, sales tools and advertising through digital and print means, tailored to each client.

As the Asia-Pacific business aviation climate changes and grows, ASG understands the need to evolve — helping the company reach the heights it’s at today.

“Since 2013’s Chinese Government’s crackdown on corruption, the region has significantly changed its business aviation purchasing and operating habits,” explains Patrick.  “The need was always there; industry players understood that it wasn’t the best moment to display their private aviation requirements.  However, in the last six months, we have seen a regain in aircraft acquisition interest and the establishment of numerous new operators, including the entrance and restructuring of major operators and MRO players.”

With the regional industry picking up momentum, Patrick believes the near future will see an increased emphasis on the development of aviation infrastructure, especially airport landing, parking and hangarage availability, which are now the key limiting factors to business and general aviation’s development in Asia.  

“I was fortunate to work in Asia-Pacific aircraft sales early in my career, showing me that this is the place to be for business aviation,” reminisces Patrick. “I was working with top names in the industry in North America and knew this region had a great future.” 

In 2011, after having worked to explain the technical, financial and special-mission aspects of aircraft, and performing aircraft sales, strategic planning, business restructuring and lead customer service and commercial development activities, Patrick decided to take a leap of faith and permanently move to Hong Kong with his family.  He now finds himself equipped with a substantial toolbox of valuable experiences, able to effectively lead ASG’s consulting services, and ready to contribute to the industry’s upcoming growth in this vibrant region.

“It is truly exciting to be an independent expert in this industry,” says Patrick, explaining what sets ASG apart from others in the region.  “We choose to partner with the best in the industry, and aren’t attached to any aircraft manufacturer or operator, making us truly impartial in our recommendations, analyses, and oversight, in the selection of aircraft, financing, registration, operator and completion facilities.”