THE CHARTER MARKET IN ASIA - Leona Qi, VISTAJET President of North Asia


Launched in 2004, VistaJet has enjoyed the accolade of being deemed one of the world’s fastest growing private aviation companies – offering private jet services through its Flight Solutions Program and On-Demand solutions. The business model eliminates operational and residual value risks, factors often accompanying aircraft ownership. With the number of flights to Asia increasing by 62% and number of passengers to the region increasing by 57% year-on-year, VistaJet is now looking to capitalize on this growing market

“We have a very unique business model,” says VistaJet President of North Asia, Leona Qi. “We own our entire fleet and the customer only really pays for the hours they’re in the air. Owning an aircraft comes with risks; VistaJet’s model eliminates that.”

With over 65 aircraft to the company name, the VistaJet fleet is capable of taking clients almost anywhere they desire. “As long as it’s safe and the runway is long enough, we’ll fly our customers there,” explains Qi.

The fleet, made up of large-cabin Bombardier Global and Challenger private jets, has an average age of just 18 months. Clients registered for the Flight Solutions Program have 24/7 guaranteed access to the fleet, anywhere in the world.

Although the business model may suggest an inclination for programs over ownership, Qi affirms that VistaJet is not exclusively for those that don’t own an aircraft. “A lot of our customers are aircraft owners themselves, using VistaJet for supplemental hours or for longer distance. Our fleet is super medium to long range. If a client owns an aircraft in Asia with a maximum range of six hours and they want to go to the US or Europe, then they’d be more than happy to use an aircraft through VistaJet.”

Currently, VistaJet covers about 90% of the globe with more established markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. With flight traffic constantly increasing in Asia, the company is now focusing more attention on this market. “At VistaJet, we’re very excited about the Asia market – especially China,” says Qi. “Looking at the movements [in the region], we believe this market will continue to grow over the coming years.”

“VistaJet is seeing some changes in the market, in terms of what businesses are demanding. We see a lot of businesses and individuals moving away from private ownership, because of the need for complete flexibility. This is where VistaJet can step in.”

The subscription model offers a compelling proposition for the region’s growing number of high-net-worth-individuals, corporations, and entrepreneurs who value the time saving benefits of private flight without asset risk.

Qi stresses the importance of tailor-made experiences onboard a VistaJet flight for maximum comfort and a home-like feeling. As for particular customer service within the Asia-Pacific region, VistaJet will continue to go above and beyond. “From the most basic, we have people that speak the languages of our clients -- from our customer service team to cabin hostesses on board. Catering is also something we take into consideration.” These are just a few of the smaller details that the company takes into consideration when preparing a flight for Asian clients.

VistaJet joined the tech realm in March 2016, launching a VistaJet mobile application to make booking easy and convenient. “Customers can book a flight, along with other details on line,” explains Qi. “In our business, it’s important to have actual humans reply to customers, but in this day and age we do find a lot of customers appreciate the flexibility and convenience of a mobile app and online services.”

With continued unmatched customer service and infinite accessibility to support services, VistaJet now looks to the future. “Our slogan is ‘Think Global’. We want to provide our clients with global and consistent service. We are committed to offering the best.”

The company’s commitment to service will continue to expand past the 90% of the globe it has already covered, as well as focusing on less-established markets. “The company launched in 2004 and we’ve come a long way over the last decade. In 2006, VistaJet traveled to about 233 destinations carrying less than 5,000 passengers. In 2015, we have landed in close to 15,000 airports and about 37,000 passengers worldwide have traveled with us. Our growth has been quite steep over the past few years.” Asia is now a priority market for the company.

“VistaJet has a lot of entrepreneurial spirit,” says Qi. “We’ve done a lot of growing and will continue to do so. In terms of business aviation, the best and the most competitive will continue to grow – and VistaJet is one of the best and most competitive.”

“VistaJet has a lot of entrepreneurial spirit,” says Qi. “We’ve done a lot of growing and will continue to do so. In terms of business aviation, the best and the most competitive will continue to grow – and VistaJet is one of the best and most competitive.”

2016Bowen Zhang