AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT IN ASIA PACIFIC - Patrick Enz, Senior Vice President, Hawker Pacific


The Hawker Pacific Aircraft Management team is made up of aviation specialists whose combined aircraft operations experience spans more than 200 years and 5 continents. The company’s state of the art Operations Control Centre in Singapore is in charge of managing the fleet around the clock, serving as the center for its clients aircraft that are based throughout the region, including in cities like Sydney, Singapore, Jakarta, and Manila.

Senior Vice President Patrick Enz, who has spearheaded Hawker Pacific’s Aircraft Management services out of Singapore since 2012, says the group’s heritage dates back to 1978 and Hawker Pacific’s name comes from the entrepreneurial activities of Australian aviation pioneer Harry Hawker.

Hawker Pacific’s basic mission is to find solutions for aircraft owners’ needs. It delivers a full service that combines the mentality of traditional private banking with a modern asset management approach. The company focuses on its clients’ global travel needs, helping aircraft owners find the most effective ways to take the hassle out of aircraft ownership and protect the value of their investment. “The company at all times represents the owner’s interests and offers full transparency of operational costs, with no markups, commissions, or added fees, as it brings clients the peace of mind that comes with a tailor-made solution,” says Enz.

Hawker Pacific’s Operation Management System integrates the latest quality and safety systems to ensure consistent levels of product and service delivery. Hawker Pacific’s administration offers customers a snapshot of operations and financial data along with the status of past and upcoming maintenance inputs at all times. These quality services are delivered through a modular approach to aircraft management tailored to fit each individual situation. These modules can be combined to take a customer from aircraft evaluation through the purchase and delivery stage to aircraft operation, and can even be extended to include the stage of aircraft re-evaluation and sale, when that time comes.

With such extensive services customized to a client’s particular needs, the aircraft owner can enjoy all the prestige, flexibility and convenience of private aircraft ownership while minimizing the complex and timeconsuming tasks involved with the operation, administration and meeting regulatory requirements.

The services Hawker Pacific Aircraft Management offers span the full range of needs any aircraft owner will encounter over his or her’s years of owning an aircraft. Hawker Pacific’s dedicated team of experts help aircraft owners monitor their aircraft’s utilization and maintenance planning functions; bring professional oversight to the maintenance performed on the aircraft; review Airworthiness Directives and OEM Service Bulletins; monitors the performance of flight crews; ensure that all records and regulatory requirements are completely compliant; offer financial and accounting services; introduce competitive insurance solutions, and most importantly, assist the client in all their trip planning needs. The customer’s flight activities are managed through a sophisticated flight operations system that provides secure, round-the-clock access to all the aircraft’s details, while allowing pilots and crew to update flying hours and relevant information from any point on the globe.

Enz points to Hawker Pacific’s competitive advantage, saying “Hawker Pacific is a market leader in integrated civil and military aerospace sales and product support in South East Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the Middle East and is one of the largest independent companies of its type in the region with over 700 employees. The company’s Asian operations include established businesses in Singapore, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Hawker Pacific has the whole package to deliver a turn-key solution to end users.”

When asked where he expects Hawker Pacific’s Aircraft Management business to be in the next five to ten years, Enz says “We started our aircraft management business in 2012 and have assembled a team that provides a seamless service that takes the burden of out aircraft ownership for the owner. So far, we have 10 management and support contracts in the region and are quite optimistic with growing 3-4 contracts per year.”

Hawker Pacific is the only full service aircraft management provider based in Singapore offering also in-house maintenance and hangarage services. When we asked about the specific needs of his Asian customers, Enz replied, “In Asia, end users tend to utilize their aircraft for private use rather than just as a business tool. For this reason, we tailor our services to cater to their personal requirements. For instance, we have a customer who prefers that the flight attendant prepares and cooks complex meals on-board, or procures their favorite dishes from a specific restaurant. Every crew is assigned one aircraft only, and Hawker Pacific is committed to going the extra mile for our customers.”

Hawker Pacific’s investment and focus in the region gives it a competitive advantage in the dynamic Asia-Pacific market. It will be exciting to see this company’s plans become a firm reality in the upcoming years, given a steadily growing market at its doorstep and Hawker Pacific’s ability to deliver a turn-key solution to suit any Aviation customer’s needs.


2016Bowen Zhang