EXPLORING CHARTER SERVICE, Mr. Wang Jianning, Funian Aviation General Manager


Shenzhen Funian Business Aviation Co., Ltd. (Funian Aviation), subsidiary of Fantasia Culture Tourism Management Co., Ltd, began servicing the business aviation industry in 2016. In mid-2018, the company picked up its Part 135 certification and is now offering charter to the growing market in Mainland China. After recently acquiring its second Gulfstream G450, Funian Aviation is ready to provide customer-focused service through its exclusive travel itineraries and cost-effective membership packages. 

When did Funian Aviation begin its charter program? 

We have been officially qualified for CCAR-135 operation since May 16th, 2018, which makes Funian Aviation eligible to offer charter service. Our current fleet for charter consists of two self-owned G450s. As one of the high-end business jet models, the G450 has been well received because of its comfort and safety in the charter market. With the addition of the G450s, we have devoted ourselves to providing more alternatives for clients in areas throughout South China, as well as in Hong Kong and Macau.

What membership schemes does Funian Aviation offer?

As a provider of business and leisure trip solutions, we aim to bring professional charter service to HNWIs. Through our mother company, Fantasia Culture Tourism Management Co. Ltd., Funian Aviation is able to offer unique advantages in charter travel – providing exclusive and attractive travel itineraries. We have also introduced a more resilient program – the Hour Card, which will be a more cost-effective option for clients who travel extensively. Options will include a 50-hour or 100-hour package.

Where and when do Funian Aviation’s clients travel? 

The hot spots long-loved by our clients and most Mainland China charterers include the metropolitan cites of Mainland China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. Along with holiday destinations, like Sanya, Haikou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Bali, Saipan and other leisure spots throughout the region. 

Each year, the prime time of charter service falls during summer and winter, to be more specific, spanning from July to October and December to February. Capitalizing on the traveling resources we already have, we are proactively seeking out new travel routes and customizing our charter service to suit our client’s needs.

What are some of the challenges of domestic charter operators?

The challenge, in Mainland China, comes from the shortage of landing and parking slots and airports for business aviation. The fact that there is a lack of slots at most airports in Mainland China leads to difficulty in applying for slots, according to our clients’ request. Limited parking during the day and overnight, often means transferring the business jet to another airport. Thus, there are higher operating costs, resulting in the rise of charter rate in the end.

What is the process of booking a charter trip with Funian Aviation?

  1. Initial enquiry – After getting the initial contact via e-mail or phone call from the client, a contact person will help the client determine cost, depending on the flight destination and aircraft used;

  2. Contract signing – We will enter into a contract with the client when he or she has confirmed the travel, followed by the payment for the charter service.

  3. Arrangement – Once a contract is signed and the aircraft is decided, we will focus on special client needs and try to take care of anything as much as we can from the catering onboard and dietary needs to the transportation upon arrival. 

  4. Pre-departure – Prior to departing, we will assist the client, who just needs to reach the VIP lounge 30 minutes before take-off, with a swift and efficient departure. 

  5. Arrival – Upon arrival, clients can expect to be picked up, if needed. We will check in after landing to make sure the flight is smooth and all needs are catered to. This aspect of the process is crucial to us, as understanding the needs and feedback of clients helps us to evolve and provide an even better charter experience on the next journey.

We are now committed to establishing ourselves as a brand, providing expert and customer-oriented charter service.

What does Funian Aviation expect for the future of charter service in China?

The growing prevalence and increasing number of clients have marked a new stage that aircraft charter service in China has stepped into, and meanwhile the client’s expectations are maturing, showing their presence in a more pragmatic and rational way. 

This segment of the market, after a few years in development, has been relatively transparent in terms of price of the service. Given that clients, especially the new ones, are becoming more sensitive to the price, charter operators are required to offer more quality service to meet higher demands from a variety of clients.

Based in Shenzhen, Funian Aviation, along with the expansion of charter service in China, will catch up with the market trends while focusing on exploring business opportunities throughout South China, as well as Hong Kong and Macau. We are now committed to establishing ourselves as a brand, providing expert and customer-oriented charter service.

Charter Report, 2018Bowen Zhang