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FlightSafety International views safety as a promise and commitment. Building trust over time and continuing to earn it each day. Since the company’s founding in 1951, FlightSafety instructors, engineers, technicians and teammates have greatly contributed to aviation safety around the world. Through comprehensive training programs taught by top instructors. By designing and manufacturing advanced-technology flight simulators and products that provide unmatched realism. 

Aviation professionals have put their trust in FlightSafety for nearly seven decades. That trust is earned daily through ongoing technological innovations and a dedication to enhancing safety.

The World Leader in Aviation Training

FlightSafety serves operators of business, commercial and military aircraft, delivering more than 1.4 million hours of training each year, including 700,000 hours in simulators, to aviation professionals from 167 countries. It operates learning centers and facilities in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. They are equipped with more than 320 simulators and advanced flight training devices that are used to provide more than 3,500 courses for 135 aircraft models. 

Customers rely on FlightSafety for training expertise around the world. Aviation professionals from Asia have participated in nearly 12,000 training events over the past two years. FlightSafety’s expert instructors have taught pilots from Asia in more than 4,000 training events each year. Instructors have also conducted thousands of cabin safety, dispatcher and maintenance training events for the region’s students, and hundreds of interactive events online, through its eLearning courses.

Comprehensive Services, Tailored to Specific Needs

Aviation professionals worldwide rely on FlightSafety to provide the highest-quality training and outstanding service. Customers leverage the unparalleled resources of the world’s leading aviation training provider. They have the confidence of knowing Learning Centers operate with an emphasis on reliability, convenience and flexibility. Approved by aviation regulatory authorities worldwide, FlightSafety’s training demonstrates a clear advantage in the quality of instructors and courseware. 

With instruction individualized to specific needs, Customers receive custom support and service. Instructors are committed to each Customer’s proficiency and success, with every classroom representing an opportunity to deliver outstanding and unmatched quality. 

Building Simulators and Training Technology

Commercial, government and military organizations worldwide depend on FlightSafety’s full flight simulators for their training programs. The company’s engineers have led the way in technological innovations and custom design, built specifically to customers’ needs. The new FlightSafety FS1000 full flight simulators exactly replicate the aircraft they represent and are qualified to the world’s highest standards. 

The MATRIX integrated training system allows a seamless progression of instruction that starts with the classroom and extends into self-paced sessions. FlightSafety’s VITAL visual systems set the standard in performance and fidelity. Its CrewView collimated glass mirror displays offer unmatched distortion-free optical performance with greater clarity, sharpness and brightness.

Setting a Higher Standard in Technology Innovation

FlightSafety creates innovative solutions to training challenges. Recently introduced, the MissionFit interactive training system delivers a state-of-the-art, mobile, flight training device engineered to be deployable in virtually any location. MissionFit provides an economical low-maintenance training solution that is reconfigurable to many aircraft types. 

The unique and highly flexible design of MissionFit includes a seamless glass display featuring a graphical representation of an aircraft’s flight deck sensitive to movement and touch, uninterrupted by bezels and integrates with wireless tactile panels. It is designed to be reconfigured and updated using cloud technology and can be outfitted with flight controls, power control levers, tactile and wireless smart panels, and a visual system to match a wide range of training needs. It can be set up in minutes and operated in a mobile container, aircraft hangar or office area, and is powered by a standard electrical outlet. MissionFit sets the standard for efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Commercial, government and military organizations worldwide depend on FlightSafety’s full flight simulators for their training programs

Teammates Make the Difference

A focus on employing the right people demonstrates FlightSafety’s firm belief that those who help Customers train are as important as the technology used. Each of the more than 2,000 world-class instructors possesses a high degree of industry knowledge to accompany the technical skills needed for personalized instruction. Customers benefit from the expertise of simulation engineers, who bring decades of experience in building advanced equipment. FlightSafety’s highly trained technicians maintain every piece of equipment with master precision.

FlightSafety engages in powerful learning experiences that lead to confidence and proficiency while maintaining a standard of excellence honed over nearly 70 years of training experience. Teammates always go above and beyond for Customers and their flight departments to deliver the value they deserve and expect. 

Enhancing Safety at Every Step 

At the core, FlightSafety has a simple mission: enhancing aviation safety. But executing that mission thoroughly and responsibly requires the combined efforts of thousands of dedicated professionals throughout the world. It needs instructors who have earned their expert knowledge through decades of service in the field. It depends on the talents of engineers and technicians who design, craft and hone the cutting-edge simulators and technology to match today’s sophisticated aircraft. It requires attention to detail from teammates to deliver the greatest customer service in the industry. 

Their actions and dedication provide customers with aviation training unsurpassed in the industry, and equipment built to exceed the highest standards. Aviation professionals trust FlightSafety to continually advance its mission of safety and culture of innovation. All while delivering the greatest value to those it serves.

Training Report, 2018Bowen Zhang