An examination of the growing Asia-Pacific Business aviation industry, featuring a detailed analysis by country, OEM and size category.

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Business Jets

An examination of the growing Asia-Pacific business jet fleet, featuring a detailed analysis by country, OEM and size category.

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 A close look at the volatile civil helicopter market in Asia-Pacific, including a breakdown by country, OEM, mission segment and size category, as well as insight on the downturn in the oil and gas market.


INfrastructure Report

The rapid development of the Asia-Pacific business aviation industry requires adequate infrastructure. The Asia Pacific Infrastructure Report showcases the capacity the region has for business aviation.

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China GA Report

Asian Sky Media’s inaugural China GA Report for the first time maps out and analyses China’s general aviation industry and its piston and turboprop fleets. As one of China’s most rapidly developing industry segments, the China GA Report looks closely at new government policies & initiatives and the future challenges nationwide

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Charter Report

The Asia Pacific Charter Report follows the success of ASG’s highly-anticipated and industry-approved Fleet Reports, providing a comprehensive look at business jets available for charter in the region. 

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Training Report

The Asia-Pacific Training Report offers a broad look at flight training schools across the region, courses offered and industry segments served, while touching on the unprecedented aviation personnel shortage.