Since 2012, Asian Sky Group (ASG) has been delivering data on Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region. We’ve strived to deliver the most accurate and updated information in a comprehensive and concise manner.

While we will continue to provide this data on the Asia-Pacific business jet and civil helicopter fleets information on specific countries will now only be available for a fee.


Is this a paid service?

Access to country profile data (e.g. Greater China, Indonesia, Japan) is now only available for a set price. However, access to the regional market is still available for free. Please see:

What is included in each country profile?

Each country profile features a breakdown of the specified countries business jet or civil helicopter fleet:

  • Total fleet size and growth over the past three years;

  •  Market share by OEM, mission and size category;

  • Additions and deductions by model, including new deliveries and pre-owned additions;

  • Fleet breakdown by operator.


Is this an "a la carte" purchase or a subscription?

This is an ‘a la carte’ purchase, with set prices for specific countries. However, a discount may be applicable in the future if you’re interested in further data on a certain country.

How frequently will these be released?

Fleet Reports are released annually.

How will I receive this data?

Profiles will be sent to you via e-mail, in a PDF format.

I’d like to know more. How can I contact you?

Head to the contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.