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Focusing Solely on the Fast-Growing Mainland China General Aviation Market


Renowned for its Business Jet and Commercial Helicopter annual Fleet Reports, ASG’s inaugural China G.A. Report will for the first time map out and analyze China’s piston and turboprop fleets. Also, with G.A. being specifically targeted in new China plans, the report will examine in detail all the new policies and initiatives being implemented nationwide. There are challenges however and the report will include commentaries and Q&As with key industry members.




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The China G.A. Report Will Include:

  • An overview of all new China General Aviation policies
  • An overview of China’s fixed wing and rotary piston fleets from domestic manufacturers and foreign OEMs
  • A summary of China’s business jet & commercial helicopter fleets
  • A summary of China’s G.A. training & infrastructure

So for the first time in one report a comprehensive overview of China’s complete G.A. industry. Brought to you by the leading business aviation consulting company in the Asia Pacific region – Asian Sky Group


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